The Other Side of Christmas Ambigram Patch

$ 3.00

Developed for American Heritage Girls®


This 2.5" vinyl patch, with a stitched edge, can be sewn directly to your vest/sash, or for a manually rotating patch, it can be hooked onto a button (sewn onto your vest/sash). Just cut a slit in the center and wrap the button through. Show your friends that you've mastered the art of ambigrams by reading the "The Other Side of Christmas" upside-down book.

This Patch Program was developed by Beth Gully, author/illustrator of "The Other Side of Christmas" book, especially for American Heritage Girls®. The Other Side of Christmas Ambigram Patch Program was created for American Heritage Girls, however, if you're not an American Heritage Girl you are welcome to purchase a patch. (To learn more about AHG troops in your area visit

What is an ambigram? It's a picture or word that can flip upside down or backwards to reflect the same image or something completely different. 

(DUE TO THE POPULARITY OF THIS ITEM allow two weeks for delivery, more during peak holiday times. Even if your patch quantity is on back order it will be fulfilled. Unfortunately there are no guarantees for a delivery before 12/25/2017. Thank you for your patience. Feel free to call if you have any questions. 513-282-2652)

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